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There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humor and the other is patience.
– John Lyons


Horse & Rider Training


Developing Trust is Essential!

Obstacle Training Builds Confidence!

Building Trust is a two way street.

Standing in the saddle is proof that the rider trusts the horse and that the horse knows not to move unless told.

The outside of a horse is good    for the inside of a human!

Trainer standing on Horse illustrates trust.

Eliminate aggressive behavior toward other horses.

Horses in Harmony.jpeg

Horses in harmony results.


Laying a horse down puts it in a vulnerable position. This can lead them to be more receptive.

Reliable Farrier

Precision Matters

Precise measurements lead to a better trim and much better hoof outcomes.

Crack Repair

Coronet band quarter crack repair.

Club Foot Before Trim

Club foot before trim.

Club Foot Post Trim

Club foot after trim.

Overgrown Hoof

Chipping due to overgrowth.

Before Trim

Before trim.

Chip Repair

Alternate view after chip repair.

Trim with Clips

After trim with side clips to help shoes stay on and to provide support for outer hoof wall.

Severe Overgrowth

Severely overgrown mini horse before hoof trim.

Mini Horse Post-Trim

Mini horse after trim.

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