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Equine Services

     There may be no truer statement I could utter:  “Horses changed my life!” My love and respect for horses is boundless. I’ve been a full-time horse trainer and farrier since 2018 working with many types of horses - Wild Mustangs, Draft, Peruvian Paso, Arabian, Quarter Horses, etc. I have successful experience with the aggressive and strong-willed to the easy-going. 

     I find that while training horses for a specific rider the results are far superior when the rider participates at some point in that training process. They learn to communicate and understand each other. I want to educate the rider and elevate their horsemanship so he or she connects with the joy of riding with confidence. I have worked with all levels of riders from beginners to advanced and special needs riders as well. My experience includes colt/filly starting, desensitization, round pen and groundwork, obstacle training and saddle work to include saddle fitting.

     As a farrier, I have worked with hundreds of horses and I possess a solid understanding of the anatomy and physiology of horses' hooves, to include the lower limbs. Numbers of clients have shared with me their need to have a RELIABLE farrier and it is satisfying to feel their appreciation for the skill and dependability that I bring to that role. 

     I am a lifelong learner and I’m in constant “be teachable mode.” I was incredibly fortunate to begin my training with two men who are absolute miracle workers with horses and people - Mike Lundberg and Randy Helm. Currently, I also learned under the training arm of Lanny Leach Horsemanship and I was certified by Randy Helm of Helm Horsemanship. I am deeply grateful for the mentorship of Mike, Randy and Lanny.

     Horses are not just my occupation, they are my passion and I want to share this with others. If your passion has waned - I’d love to support your journey as we reignite your passion.

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